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On Fire

Set Your Marketing

Providing Small Businesses with the tools needed for growth.

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Having a heart Set On Fire is when you love what you do so much that the passion & excitement always feels more intense than any obstacle thrown your way. That feeling is the exact feeling that made me start this business in the first place.

- Tahjae Ba
Owner | Head Designer | CEO


About Us

Set On Fire Marketing was created to help entrepreneurs maximize their potential as small business owners, and to strengthen their growth strategies when trying to scale. There are so many amazing individuals with ideas that have the potential to successfully penetrate their markets as powerhouses, and we just want to be the business that helps small business owners take things to the next level. 


We offer services such as website design, marketing, branding, and everything in-between so that YOU can focus on your craft, and WE can focus on the best way to promote and grow your business.


We now have an array of services that can be customized right​from the website! Just add everything to the cart, and pay in full or choose PayPal's Pay in Four to get started. Be sure to read ALL the attached documents before hand, and submit all the necessary information for your project in a timely manner. 

Google & Social Media Ads | Retargeting Ads | Print Designs and more.

Product photos | Better quality photos while you deliver services. Learn more!

Receive a custom marketing strategy and best ways we can execute everything.

Academy on Fire is coming sometime in March 2023 to teach design & other skills.

Our new design and print shop makes it easier than ever to receive physical designs.

The first impression of your brand is typically the logo and branding.

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Social media management that will help you get in front of the right audience.

Copywriting | Blogs | Customizing CRM's and client documents and more! 

Build a website plan right from our site, or inquire about a custom plan!

Don't know where to start or working with a different budget/ customized project that you'd like to explore? Submit a contact form and/or scheducle a free consultation to learn more about how we can assist you!


 Gift Card

On Fire

This is the PERFECT gift for any business owner whether you buy one for yourself to intentionally put aside marketing funds, or you want to surprise someone/ donate our services to an organization.

We have served

Some of the businesses, organizations, and personal brand's

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Wise Handyman Logo Web 1.png.webp
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Briana Revitalized Careers Logo.png
... and more!

We Understand You

Growing a business from the-ground-up isn't easy. That's why we have customizable service packages and give clients the ability to inquire about fully customized proposals- both making sure you only pay for what your business actually needs!

Our Initiative


We will be starting an exciting new campaign soon, where mall business owners all around the U.S. will be able to submit their stories to us to compete for the opportunity to get FREE services! Marketing is just as important, if not more, as what you're actually selling (product, service, etc). We know the pandemic has caused many businesses to suffer, and the era of social media makes it hard for businesses with outdated marketing to thrive.

Be the first to get notified about the campaign!

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Our Main Goal Is to
Make an Impact

We are so excited to make a huge impact on small businesses, organizations, and personal brands all over the U.S. by strengthening their online presence and more!

That is why we've decided to indefinitely offer $10 off to businesses with a physical location in
a state we've yet to do business in, starting March 2023. 1 code for each state will be available to use in cart with the state name and number 10 to follow (i.e. TEXAS10, NEWYORK10, etc). See all terms and conditions.

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