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Product Photos
(Build Your Shoot)

canva edit.png

Product photos are essentially what build trust with your website viewers, and also market your product effectively. We will build your custom shoot with simple props to fit a scene that makes sense, and can also edit them accordingly for a clean look. 1 round of edits to photos are included. After that, you will be billed for any additional drafts. 


Product photos will be taken on basic backdrops. Want to add lifestyle staging to your photos (i.e. “kitchen” setting, hand model, props, backdrops beyond the current offerings etc)? Let us know before booking so we can provide a custom quote for you on the additional fees that would be necessary.

Service Photos


This service is only offered in conjunction with other services such as social media, marketing content, websites, etc. We are not specialized in photography, but overall can take some good photos with our professional equipment to strengthen the look of your content. We will come take photos of you in action, offering the services you provide or hosting.


 Travel fee billed separately on a case by case basis. Must be located CT, RI, or MA unless transportation will be provided. Before booking, feel free to inquire about those extra fees in advance.

Don't see what you're looking for, working with a different budget, or simply need a more custom proposal? Contact us today to see how me can still create a magical project you can grow with over time.

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