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Business & Marketing

Strategy Call

After the purchase of this marketing strategy call, you will receive detailed questionnaires about your business to help identify what stage you’re at in the business cycle, what industry we should base our research on to best help you grow, and what marketing strategies you should take on. In the 45min Marketing Strategy Call to follow, we will discuss all of the information we were able to gather, and talk about the best action steps to follow (and in what order) to get the results you desire. 

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1:1 Marketing
Strategy Coaching

This is the perfect service for anyone looking to receive extensive coaching on how to improve their business marketing strategies. Over the course of 3 entire months, you will get two 45-min action meetings per month to figure how your business can penetrate your market more effectively, and coach you through the steps whether it be to figure out what services you may need to get done, or how to self-sufficiently market your business. We will also audit your current means of marketing and figure out ways to improve.

Independent Marketing
Management Training

Have some services you’ve received, but not sure how to properly work the platforms? Do you have an employee (assistant, secretary, etc) that you would like to be able to manage things like social media ads, branded CRM’s, or even a website you’ve purchased from us so that you get the most out of your purchases? We will give you a 45 min training session on use of a platform we have performed a service for you on. 

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