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Collaboration Etiquette

How To Reach Out to Other Brands to Collaborate

Any content creators who are looking to take their crafts seriously and further their brand have, at one point in their careers, considered collaborations.

The entertainment industry would be nothing without the history of iconic collaborations, not only via social media but even way before its existence; via music, television, etc. Joining forces with like minded individuals has always proven to be beneficial when approached in the correct way.

There are actually a few vital components to a healthy, successful, collaboration between content creators and entertainers in today’s day.


When deciding on a creator to collaborate with you must look at the potential partnership from all angles.

How would this content benefit both parties?

Would my viewers be accepting of this kind of content?

Most importantly, does this content align with my morals as a content creator?

Before making that step to reach out and discuss a potential partnership with another creator you must first do your research.

Find out what their content is all about and decide whether or not it aligns with who you are as a creator and if their content could potentially pair well with yours.


When deciding to finally reach out to another creator about potentially working together it is always best to start off strictly professional.

Unless you and said creator have already built a relationship outside of work, it is never okay to approach them in an informal manner.

This may look like entering their DM’s to pitch a content idea or commenting under their posts hoping that they would notice you. This will do nothing but stray them away.

Instead try contacting them via email with a quick and easy message pitching the idea of a potential collaboration.

Emails should be punctual and informative.

Explain to them what it is that you need for them to do on their end and what your end of the bargain will be.

Refrain from using slang and be sure to check for grammatical errors.

Using the example given above you can see that the email is broken up into three parts.

An introduction of who you are, your relationship to them and their content, and a proposal for continuing the conversation. All concluded with an official email signature.

It is always a good idea to leave the ball in their court and allow them to come up with ideas on their own to meet you half way with concepts.


Collaborating with other creators allows you to expand your market and reach a more broad range of audiences.

When deciding on starting collaborations you are really allowing yourself to step out of your comfort zone and take more risks with your content.

This shows both depth and trust which your audience will both appreciate and honor.

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