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Email Signatures

How To Authenticate Your Emails

There's nothing worst than being told that you lack professionalism.

Things like not being able to read the room or being told that you lack simple email etiquette while in the workplace can really put a damper on your credibility moving forward.

Emails are not text messages and should never be treated as such.

As a professional, you should know the difference and by having an email signature, people will know how to get back to you and be sure that each email you send is authentic.

This also holds up well with maintaining a sense of professionalism when reaching out to other co workers and potential clients as well.

The signature creating process itself is also very quick and easy, as shown below.

1. Log into Gmail

2. Press the Settings Icon

3. Scroll down to the "Signature" icon

3. Once you click the "+ Create New" button, you will be asked to name your signature

4. Once the labeling is finished, you are to format your signature in the side box provided.

5. Lastly, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the "Save Changes" button

Now you have a signature that could be added to all of your emails and allow future partners to remain familiar with hearing from you.

This can be added to the end of both formal and informal emails as a firm sign off.

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