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How Can You Make Money By Monetizing Your Blog?

Updated: Feb 28

"Ways To Start Making Money from Your Thoughts"

With this being the era of expression, many now feel comfortable sharing their intrusive thoughts on a wide range of social media platforms such as a blog site.

Blogs can be very informative and starting a blog can allow you to share information with the world at a click of a button.

In today’s world, many people are developing a sense of consciousness or awareness about themselves and who they truly are.

As life progresses and they begin to learn more about themselves they recognize what their true, unfiltered thoughts are on different issues, topics, or events.

This is where the development of blog post ideas may generate as well as the question of how to receive compensation for all the work that you continue to contribute to the world.


Monetization is loosely defined as the act of converting something into money. This could apply to goods, services, and in this case, information.

There are a variety of different programs and sites that allow people to monetize work that they regularly may not be paid for within traditional job expectations.

Actions as simple as, tagging companies, attaching the link to a pair of jeans you posted, and even collaborating with other creators as a way to boost each other's sites.

It is important that as someone who is looking to take social media seriously it is crucial that you remain cognitive of all of the opportunities provided to ensure that your work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Affiliate Link

One of the most lucrative ways to make money as a content creator looking for ways to monetize your brand is through affiliate links.

Affiliate links are programs that allow you to partner with bigger brands while receiving profit from essentially advertising the products that you have in everyday use.

Notably, one of the biggest affiliate programs currently in running is with The Amazon Affiliate Program allows participants to join on under a referral program that allows individuals to earn commission based off of the items they are able to advertise and sell.

It takes less than 10 minutes to sign up and become an affiliate with any company, given you meet the criteria, you can easily be earning profit while also gaining traction to your own personal website or blog where people have a chance to build a deeper connection with you as a brand.

Google Ads: PPC vs. PPI

Another very successful way to monetize your work is through the use of PPC and PPI advertising. These forms of marketing also allow brands to work together in the hopes of gaining notoriety.

PPC marketing stands for “Pay Per Click" and all in all it simply means that an advertiser pays a publisher for not only posting their advertisement to their blog but more importantly if said ad was to be clicked.

This allows blog owners to obtain income simply based on if someone just so happens to look about a product that is being advertised on their site. No purchases or pre-sales required, all it takes is a click for a blogger to make money directly from their site.

The other advertising technique mentioned is PPI marketing. PPI stands for “Pay Per Impression '' and this form of marketing essentially means that bloggers can be paid by an advertiser for displaying and posting an advertisement to their sites.

Majority of bloggers or self made content creators aren't aware of the opportunities and funding allotted to them for the creativity and effort that they share with the world.

All work is of value and it is up to those who wish to take these steps to reap the benefits of their up and coming success.

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