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What Are Successful Niches for a Social Media Influencers?

Updated: Apr 2

When expanding your brand via social media sites, it is important that you first understand what your niche is.

Your niche is a very crucial marketing tool when looking to gain a stronger audience and better get your work out there.

Developing a niche is almost like putting yourself in a category that could help potential clients find exactly what they're looking for without the hassle of over searching.

Your niche shouldn't be too broad or overly hard to comprehend. Especially since it is possible to have more than one category that you or your brand may fit under.

It should be quick and to the point as to not confuse buyers.


Facebook being one of the oldest platforms has shown to work the best with video content of all kinds.

It has been shown that people respond best to facebook posts when a video is attached.

Video types that include storytelling, behind the scenes work, asking questions( creates interaction), and current events have been proven the most beneficial to keeping audiences engaged.

Successful Niches:



-Arts and Crafts



Instagram has also evolved over the years and as its platform has changed, so has its target audience.

Instagram is widely known now as a marketplace for a mass range of business types.

Successful Niches:



-Upcoming Events



Pinterest can be used for a wide range of marketing as well and also has been said to have its most interaction at the height of the new year.

Thanks to the very popular vision board trend, many find that the new year is the perfect time to find inspiration for changing things up in their lives.

Successful Niches:





Tik Tok

Despite it being a newer platform, TikTok has quickly risen in forms of becoming a stable market place.

A wide range of business owners have found it very beneficial to use the video sharing app to expand their clientele.

Successful Niches:


-Campaigning (Politics)




-Social Media Influencing

When becoming any type of influencer it is important to find what categories work for you and stick to them for a consistent amount of time.

This will allow the audience to become more familiar with you and recognize you a lot easier according to what it is that you do.

No one is married to one specific niche, but finding your place in the industry of your choice and working towards your growth all start with structure and balance.

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