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What You Should Know About Meta Verification

The use of meta verification has become the go to tool for creators and business owners to get their products and ideas out to their targeted audience in a way that creates buzz.

The idea of exclusivity has become a major phenomenon in today’s day in age simply due to the fact that everyone desires to have something that seems rare.

What is Meta Verification?

Meta Verification is a subscription type that creators may use to increase notoriety on both Instagram and Facebook.

Verification types such as subscriptions and blue checks seem to really persuade consumers to buy into the image that you are selling.

The infamous blue check, commonly seen attached to the social media accounts of celebrities or important figures, is now open for purchase through meta verification.

Subscriptions are also open for purchase to create a kind of VIP feel for the consumers who are deeply invested in the growth of your personal brand.


Along with helping grow your brand, meta verification also assists you in maintaining your account as well.

They provide 24 hr, real person help with any account issues.

Things like hacking, editing your page, joining accounts, monetizations, etc. All things social media assistance, they are available to help you with.

Being verified can also help you with increasing partnership opportunities within your brand by helping you become noticeable to individuals with a larger following.

By having your account built professionally with the help of 24hr service, you have a higher chance at being noticed by brands who have strongly built accounts as well.


Once you decide that you are interested in becoming meta verified, you can now budget for its costs.

There are two ways for you to purchase a subscription and the costs may vary depending on your sign in type.

If you choose to sign up via iOS and Android then you are expected to pay $14.99/month and if you choose to sign in over the web you will instead be charged $11.99/month.

Are You Eligible to be Meta Verified?

The qualifications for Meta Verification are very simple and according to the guidelines, many may be eligible to subscribe.

You must:

-Be 18 years old or older

-Be representing a REAL person, as brands are not yet permitted.

-Live in the US, Australia, or New Zealand

-The name on your profile must match the one attached to your government-issued ID

-Have prior posing history

Once you have decided to join in becoming Meta verified you can visit “” to get started.

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