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Referral Program

(subject to change, participants would be notified)

When you refer someone to us to receive services for websites, marketing, consulting, branding - or anything else that may be added to our service list over time - you will receive $20 payable by check or bank transfer. You can also choose to receive your rewards as a transferrable credit for service, meaning you can save it for yourself or a friend to go towards a service from us. You can receive up to $200 a month (10 referrals), payable by the end of the first week for the total referrals given in the previous month.

The person who has been referred to by someone who is already apart of our referral program at the time of our first consultation also receives $20 for any service provided by us.

If the client who has received a referral from a program participant misses the first free consultation they schedule without giving proper notice IN ADVANCE, their $20 reward will no longer be given. If they reschedule the meeting after missing their first one, the person who referred them can still receive payment if the potential client ends up receiving services from us.

Note: Terms and conditions are subject to change. We will notify participants if and when they do.

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