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Each of the websites we offer can now be purchased straight from the site! You can choose between different options for your website project, including adding additional plugins (which can be viewed below, and totaled together to decide how many plugins will be added to your project. If you miss something when adding the site to your cart, that's okay! We can send an additional invoice for add-ons.

Landing Page (WIX)
(other platform inquires here)

Landing pages are great for the promotion of a new product or course launch, an upcoming webinar, a lead magnet offer, or a page you’d like to link to an ad being run on social media to track user interactions.


If you’d like your site built in any other platform other than WIX, PLEASE INQUIRE BEFORE PURCHASING. 


Additional Info:

Click here to read full details before purchasing!

(attachments differ per service):

Single- Page Starter Website 
(options available for new sites and revamps)
$375 - $450

This is the perfect website service for people in need of a simple portfolio or informational site, professionals who have a small offering of 4 or less products OR services (or combination), and anyone who wants to start small for their website project and grow with it over time. 


Click to view an example setup attached. 

Additional Info:

Click here to read full details before purchasing!

(attachments differ per service):

Customized Products Website
(options available for new sites and revamps)


Screen Shot 2023-02-13 at 11.34.44 PM.png

Since the nature of customizable and pre-designed products is so complex, business owners are often confused on where to start in order to get this organized on a website. So, we decided to create a service just for you!


Get up to 5 pages designed. This website plan also includes more support meetings than other website services (up to 4 total) to sort out all the kinks effectively. This website plan also comes with more support meetings than other website services to sort out all the kinks effectively. 


Additional Info:

Click here to read full details before purchasing!

(attachments differ per service):

School or Large Organization
(for those needing 11+ pages and extra support facilitating)


If you are a school or large organization that needs a website to have lots of information on different programs, initiatives, events and/or more, this is for you! This is for an organization with the need for 12 or more pages, and will need a lot of time and assistance putting each together. There are variations for different page amounts, for whether or not all your information is already prepared, and more. It is highly recommended to schedule a consultation first so that we can determine if this is what you need, or if there is a more cost effective way to accomplish what you are looking for.


Additional Info:

Click here to read full details before purchasing!

(attachments differ per service):

E-commerce Website
(many variations to choose from)

$500- $3,000

Screen Shot 2023-02-16 at 12.28.30 AM.png

If you are starting or have a small business centered on e-commerce, this is the perfect plan for you! We’ll get your products neatly organized to accept online sales and give customers a more professional way to make purchases. 


This service is for small businesses only. If you are a well-established large business in need of something new, you will need to request a custom proposal.


For different amounts of pages, other add-ons, or just a general need for assistance or a customized proposal to fit a different budget, please schedule a free consultation here.

Additional Info:

Click here to read full details before purchasing!

(attachments differ per service):

Full Website (No E-commerce)
(options available for new sites and revamps)

$450- $2500

Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, side-hustler, or some other form of talent/ product or service provider, having a website is still one of the best ways to market and showcase all you have to offer. It can also be a better facilitation of processes you’d like to have in place, like now having your customers pay for products online vs. cash app, allowing people to book you from your site vs. having them dm you for inquiries. Now, the opportunities are endless. 


Already have a website but just need to revamp? We can help you freshen your look starting with new branding services or simply revamping your website.

Additional Info:

Click here to read full details before purchasing!

(attachments differ per service):

Website Maintenance
(carefully choose the right variants for you or contact us)



This service is charged per hour. You will need to increase the quantity of the service to add more than 1 hour OR you can start with 1hr and see what is accomplished before purchasing more time. PLEASE INQUIRE ABOUT CUSTOM MONTHLY/YEARLY CONTRACTS!


For the closest estimate, fill out a contact form on our contact pace, send us a chat, or email us what needs to be completed so we can let you know how many hours and new pages need to be added. This service is perfect for those who already have a strong website designed and don’t need too much heavy-editing/ designing. 


Example tasks:

EXISTING photo gallery update (swapping out/ adding in photos), updating outdated text information, small formatting changes to a page, adding a new section to a page, adding a new service or products in, etc.


If you are a new client, please set up a free consultation before purchasing to ensure this is the right service for you.

Launch Strategy
(best for updated websites + upcoming website projects)



One of the most important investments for any business is a website, as it allows for extended communication to be made available (unlike social media's quick messaging approach). Once your website is done though, it doesn’t sell itself. A full launch strategy will allow you to promote your business more effectively and drive traffic to your new (or previously existing) platform for a better opportunity for a higher return on investment!


1.) Email Marketing Campaign (1):


Social Media Content (3)

2.) A/B Social Media Ads (2) and retargeting pixels

3.) Print content design (1)

4.) Site or CRM Automations (2-4 depending on text based or need for designing):


Don't see what you're looking for?

If you are working with a different budget or want more of a customized project that you'd like to explore, submit a contact form and schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we can assist you!

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